Announcing Auditions for
The Schultz Theatre production
See How They Run
An English Farce by Philip King

Saturday, December 2:  1:05 PM
Sunday, December 3:  1:05 PM

Hillyard Auditorium
226 Hawks Hill Drive, Broadway, VA

Everyone auditioning is encouraged (but not required) to bring a prepared comic monologue of not more than ninety seconds in length.  You will be expected to do cold readings from the script, paying special attention to timing, both verbal (voice characterization) and physical (body language and physical humor).

Please arrive no later than 1:05 pm and plan to stay until 2:30 pm.

NOTE:  The age descriptions listed are those of the characters as described by the author and not necessarily requirements to audition or be cast. The director reserves all discretion in regard to casting.

IDA — the maid, a plain but likeable young village girl with a Cockney accent
MISS SKILLON — a  middle-aged, sour spinster
THE REVEREND LIONEL TOOP— a  man of thirty-five, pleasant faced, though of somewhat staid expression
PENELOPE TOOP— Reverend Toop's wife, a pretty former American actress
CORPORAL CLIVE WINTON— A handsome American soldier
THE INTRUDER— A prison escapee
THE BISHOP OF LAX— A large, jovial-looking man
THE REVEREND ARTHUR HUMPHREY— A mild-mannered priest
SERGEANT TOWERS — the local police authority, Cockney

See How They Run will be performed April 6, 7, 8 and 13, 14, 15 in 2018